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Craps vs Poker

Craps – One Roll Wagers

If you play craps at online casinos, you are most likely aware that there are several different wagers that you can make. Don’t get caught up thinking that all of these wagers are something to try. Some are safer than others and some are just bad ideas altogether. Internet craps games are not necessarily difficult to navigate, but we want to point out something for you quickly here. One Roll wagers are there for those you who can’t wait for roll after roll of the dice to determine whether you win or lose. Online gaming sites just love impatient players in this respect. Don’t be one of them. Think of one roll bets as a way for you to lose your money faster. As a general rule stay clear of these bets unless you are a very seasoned player that feels this is what they must do. Here are a couple of wager examples of one roll wagers: Field wagers, Any Seven, Any Craps, Two, Twelve, Three Eleven, Craps – Eleven (Horn Bet) et. Not all of your favorite online gambling casinos provide this game and it is a great game of chance. It can be very exciting.

Turning a losing poker game into a winning one

When playing poker at the best canada online casinos, there are many things to consider in order o bring your game to a winning one. If you are losing and want to try turning your game around here are a couple of great tips for you to consider implementing into your game. First and foremost – never stay in a game when you are down too far. If you have played out your entire budget, do not stay in the game by betting additional cash you can’t afford to be playing with. Never try to win your lost money back by betting more! Instead, if you are down, but not out, try tightening up your game. Play fewer hands – look for reasons to fold instead of reasons to stay in the game. Stop playing 2nd best starting hands. You don’t win with anything but the best hand or if everyone folds. Many online players play too many hands for too long. Don’t stay in a game that you can’t win. Never try to protect the chips you have already tossed in the pot. If you are beat fold. Unless you have a sure thing, don’t keep the others in the game by slow playing, you may be beaten and lose more money. Online gambling should be entertaining but lucrative whenever possible. Change your losing game into a winning one by playing it smart.

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The Glamorous Life of a Pro Gambler

Just imagine living in this 15 million dollar home. You’re paid a steady salary, supported by a whole team of staff whose sole purpose is to get you to play at your best. Alright fellas, let’s go. And if you don’t perform, you’re cut from the team.

Here we go, round three, round three. Keep it going, no breaks. If you think this sounds like the life of a pro athlete, you’d be right, kind of. Stop your bitchin’. It’s the life of the sports player of the future, lived by the lucky few today. As technology replaces old jobs, it’s also creating new ones.

I’m Aki Ito, and I’m here to show you the jobs of the future. My name is Michael Schmale, I’m a professional gamer at this website For someone who’s uneducated in the e-sports scene and doesn’t understand how it works, the way I would describe it is, it’s kind of similar to a professional athlete. It’s a lot of preparation, hard work, and team effort. I think one guy’s above me. Nah, trust me, he’s not.

Ghost Gaming pays players like Mike to compete in video game battles. And yes, that is a real job now. More people watch video games than Netflix, Hulu, ESPN, and HBO put together. And e-sports is already a billion dollar industry. (upbeat, energetic music) That’s how Ghost can afford to shower players with all kinds of perks, like this team house. It’s a ten bed, 16 bath mansion overlooking Hollywood.

And it houses 10 players at a time, all in their late teens and early 20s. So when most people just take a quick look at the house we’re living in, it’s a bunch of teenagers, and it’s a lot of us, so you would think it’s rowdy, we’re just reckless, but we’re professional e-sports players. Here’s the day of a professional gamer.

I wake up nine, 9:30, breakfast. Chest up, chest up, let’s go. 11 a.m., we have workouts. That lasts for an hour to an hour and a half. There you go Mike, push it straight into the ground. Eight, nine and ten.

After we do that, we hit the film session, and we watch film on other teams to see what they do. Just taking his time, make sure you guys take your time, you don’t need to be fancy with it, just need to make sure to hit the shots you need to hit. Oh man, after lunch, we play from 1:30 to 7:30.

One’s gonna be, ladder, ladder, ladder, problem. Bomb is really one shot. Oh my god, push that, one got pushed up.

And that’s just a long grind of playing against other talented teams. (gasping) Good job. We play from lunch to dinner. We have a wild lobster with chive butter.

I put it on Twitter. How you doin’, Mike? It’s amazing.

Mike’s been playing video games since he was five, but when his parents got divorced, that’s when he really buckled down on gaming. I would just get in my desk, turn my game on. It’s like I would disappear and go into another world and forget about all that. When he was 13, Mike qualified in the pro-league of the popular video game, Call of Duty. He became the youngest professional player in the game. When I first walked into the event, I was just amazed and just fell in love with it.

That’s when I knew this is what I wanted to do. That conversation with his parents, telling them he was pursuing a career as a professional video gamer, well, imagine your kid telling you that. There was a lot of arguments and late nights.

But Mike promised to put school first, and his parents eventually came around. Well, as a single parent, it wasn’t easy. In my mind, I really couldn’t foresee it as a career, but we were at the mall and some young boy came up to Mike and he said, “Excuse me, are you SpaceLy?” And Mike said, “Yeah,” he goes, “Can I have your autograph?”

And I started to cry, and I’m like, “This is crazy.” I’m like, “He recognized you, Mike?” And that was instrumental for me, as well, realizing how this has taken off. I started earning money at these tournaments after my third local event.

That was like one of the best feelings ever, being able to go home and like, “Look, Mom, look, Dad. “Today I got paid for playing.” I wasn’t just wasting my time, and I wasn’t just making up stories and fairytales just so I could play video games more. Mike didn’t wanna discuss his contract, but when he joined Ghost, it was reported that he and his teammates shared a 50,000 dollar signing bonus and were each offered a 4,000 dollar months’ salary. On top of all that, Mike also earns money on the side. Fans pay to watch him play on the popular streaming site, Twitch, and he also sells his own line of apparel.

That all makes for a pretty good living by the standards of any 20 year old, but it’s even better when you consider that almost all of his expenses, from his rent to his food to his training to his gaming related travel, is all paid for, which leaves a lot of room for shopping. Can I take them off? Sure.

Alright, we got the Yeezys, moon rocks. I’ve been a fan of shoes forever, so there’s a lot of times where I spend an insane amount of money on shoes. But like professional sports, gaming is not a life long career, and there’s a ton of turnover too. Three months after I met Mike, Ghost dropped him from the team, and he’s now back home in New Jersey. This sounds very tragic and could nearly end a player’s career, but this is a very common thing in the scene. And players get released and switched around all the time.

My advice to young gamers that wanna play professionally, you gotta stay patient, you gotta stay dedicated and understand that it’s gonna take sacrifice because there’s always another person out there trying to take that spot. But I don’t have any plans to give up the gaming career. I’m gonna bounce back from this and make my mom and dad proud.

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FunFair co-founder Jez San explains what is Funfair and how it’s helping online casinos🎲

I’m Jezz San I’m one of the founders of FunFair, which is a gaming technology. Company based in London, FunFair, has created technology that empowers casino operators to offer a fair game. So it’s powered by the blockchain and smart contracts and it’s the first time that we’ve been able to build a casino gaming system, a platform that literally runs on the blockchain and doesn’t require any servers. One of the problems we’re solving is the trust problem that many players don’t want to trust, leaving money in a casino or believe that they’re going to be cheated and even though the cases of people actually being cheated is very low, because there is a trust issue.

The market is limited in its size by the number of people willing to participate in it, so we believe by creating technology that guarantees a fair game and also does it very efficiently, so that casino operators have good margins. We believe that we can have an expanded market. We believe we can offer the player benefits the operator benefits, even the regulators and affiliates get something out of it, And how does your technology do that?

So it does that. Firstly, we’ve built the games to run in smart contracts on the blockchain, and then we’ve also built a scaling technology that we call fate channels and that allows transactions to run really fast, which allows players to play games at the speed. That is fun because, right now the blockchain is quite slow and can be overloaded at times and that wouldn’t be a fun experience for players. If, if the games they played were slowed down by the blockchain, so we have technology that takes the games off chain lets them run really fast and then goes back to the chain to do settlement.

So what is your transaction rate? We can do thousands of transactions? A second and it could scale much faster than that, and it does that by opening the transaction on the blockchain and putting bringing deposits onto the blockchain, and then it can play as many games as it wants off chain. And then it goes back to the blockchain. To settle so there’s really no limit to the number of transactions per second, and this is all running on today’s Ethereum we’re not waiting for a future version.

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The Direction You Take

With knowledge of the Game, there are many instances where theory becomes a big part of a decision, especially with hands that can be affected by the richness or poorness of a deck.

For instance, two strong Blackjack players can have different theories about doubling down with a 5-3 (8) against the dealer’s up card of 5. The percentage difference between doubling and not doubling and not doubling is very close, and changes after the completion of each hand. So, valid theories among experienced players can vary.

Not so with Money Management. Your bankroll determines the amount you bet. And you must decide beforehand a win and loss percentage to tell you exactly when to leave a table.

If you can’t manage your money, and refuse to learn how, you’ll have absolutely no direction in a casino. You’ll have no goal set for yourself; no idea of when to quit a table or even when to leave the casino for the day.

I won’t say one part of the BIG 4 is more important than the others. They’re all too important and none can be ignored if you are to be a consistent winner. But I do know that more people lack Money Management than lack knowledge of the Game.

People I speak with are widespread in their skill levels when it comes to playing Blackjack. Some are very good, some good, most poor. But there is a respectable percentage that has a fair knowledge of the game.

Money Management is a much different story. It’s quite rare that I meet someone with a bona fide, dynamite method. Almost no one has a permanent system to follow.

All signals to the dealer regarding hitting, staying, or splitting and doubling down, are done with movements of your hand or by placing additional chips in front of your cards. Also, don’t touch your bet once it has been made!

If you touch your cards or bet, the dealer will give you a polite warning. Perhaps he’ll give you two polite warnings. Beyond that, you’re exceeding your quota. Don’t force the dealer to scold you a third time; you’ll make him angry.

Nobody likes an angry dealer.

If you are a smoker, show consideration for the people next to you by asking their permission to smoke. If they object, don’t smoke or go where you can. Some casinos now have smoking and no smoking tables, so take note of which one you’re at.

Don’t carry on unnecessary conversations. It’s distracting to other players. Besides, it’s extremely difficult to chatter and concentrate on your cards at the same time. What do you want to be? A socializer or a smart player?

Don’t be a cry baby.

Don’t ask for the waitress every two or three minutes.

In general, don’t be a nuisance. Acquire the conduct and class that will make you welcome in the casinos.

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