Craps vs Poker

Craps – One Roll Wagers

If you play craps at online casinos, you are most likely aware that there are several different wagers that you can make. Don’t get caught up thinking that all of these wagers are something to try. Some are safer than others and some are just bad ideas altogether. Internet craps games are not necessarily difficult to navigate, but we want to point out something for you quickly here. One Roll wagers are there for those you who can’t wait for roll after roll of the dice to determine whether you win or lose. Online gaming sites just love impatient players in this respect. Don’t be one of them. Think of one roll bets as a way for you to lose your money faster. As a general rule stay clear of these bets unless you are a very seasoned player that feels this is what they must do. Here are a couple of wager examples of one roll wagers: Field wagers, Any Seven, Any Craps, Two, Twelve, Three Eleven, Craps – Eleven (Horn Bet) et. Not all of your favorite online gambling casinos provide this game and it is a great game of chance. It can be very exciting.

Turning a losing poker game into a winning one

When playing poker at the best canada online casinos, there are many things to consider in order o bring your game to a winning one. If you are losing and want to try turning your game around here are a couple of great tips for you to consider implementing into your game. First and foremost – never stay in a game when you are down too far. If you have played out your entire budget, do not stay in the game by betting additional cash you can’t afford to be playing with. Never try to win your lost money back by betting more! Instead, if you are down, but not out, try tightening up your game. Play fewer hands – look for reasons to fold instead of reasons to stay in the game. Stop playing 2nd best starting hands. You don’t win with anything but the best hand or if everyone folds. Many online players play too many hands for too long. Don’t stay in a game that you can’t win. Never try to protect the chips you have already tossed in the pot. If you are beat fold. Unless you have a sure thing, don’t keep the others in the game by slow playing, you may be beaten and lose more money. Online gambling should be entertaining but lucrative whenever possible. Change your losing game into a winning one by playing it smart.