Nintendo Switch Pro Grip Elite Bundle

Today we’re finally reviewing the Pro Gaming Grip Elite Bundle by Satisfye. (techo music) Welcome to It Came From A Box this is Sergio A.M. and awhile back Satisffye sent us prototype of this grip which we checked out right before they launched on Kickstarter. Fast forward to today 18 hundred people raised over 67 thousand dollars to help make the Pro Grip a reality. The final production version is now rolling out to backers and Satisfye sent over their elite bundle for us to review which includes a custom new case specifically made for the Pro Grip. But that’s not all because we’re also giving away three of them, more on that in the end but first let’s take a look at everything inside. Lets start with the grip which you can tell is big , but works well with different hand sizes.

I have huge hands and I love it. My wife’s hands are about half the size of mine and she can still use it, but my six year old can’t really reach the buttons so it may not be kid friendly. Right away you can see and feel that it’s well constructed.

it’s very tough and rigid, not at all flimsy, and its made of a hard TPU except for the back of the grips, which are made of a non-slip rubberized TPU. Now looks can definitely be deceiving because this large grip weighs in right under five ounces, so it’s actually very light. Now attaching the switch is easy, it’s designed to perfectly fit so all you have to do is just slide it in and vice versa to remove. Inside each grip you’ll noticed a small rubber piece right in the middle and that creates a bit of friction to keep the console from wiggling around so it stays nice and secure within.

Then over to the bottom we have these hooks which hold the switch in place but can also be used as a stand so you can display your switch in this kinda cool unique way. For those wondering, no you cannot remove the joy cons to play in table-top mode because the grip is designed exclusively for hand held mode. Alright so in hand it feels very comfortable. Way better than the joycons because it keeps your hands, your wrists in a natural 35 degree angle and the rubber TPU in the back truly gives you a non-slip secure grip. And unlike other grips out there this one is A symmetrical and designed to combat the cramped position of the right joy cons analog stick. SO instead of using it with your thumb in these weird positions that hurt over time, the Pro Grip adds additional space so your thumb can land in a natural position.

This enhances the ergonomics so you can play longer and help reduce fatigue. Overall I think this grip nails everything that I’ve ever wanted in a grip. It feel amazing in hand and it gives you the ability to play longer.

So due to its large size the Pro Gaming Grip obviously won’t fit in most carrying cases, so if you plan on taking it on-the-go this is why you’ll want the elite bundle that includes the Pro Case that’s custom made to fit the grip. Before the grip Satisfye made the switch case. Very well designed, constructed, they know what they’re doing so you can trust them with this one. Similar to that case, the exterior is made of a soft textured leather that feels great in hand. We have a long and easy-to-hold rubber grip at the top and getting inside is a breeze with these smooth action zippers.

Inside right down the middle we have two flaps. Each has 10 game pockets so in total they can hold 20 games. On the back of the top flap we have a zipper compartment which is great for all those store specific cards you always forget to use, as well as secrets or other paper-like things. And the bottom flap is lined with soft microfiber to protect the console’s screen. Then at the top we have a zippered compartment that can hold all types of accessories such as: cables, adapters, or extra joy cons.

But it’s not roomy enough for something like a joy con grip or pro controller. Finally at the bottom we have a custom molded slot to fit the grips A symmetrical design along with a Velcro strap to keep it in place. But there’s more, under that we have a large slot for a battery bank.

We’re using the one by GuliKit but you can use small or larger ones as well and this elastic strap will keep it securely in place. Now included with the elite bundle is a very nice, low profile, braided, 2.4 amp, USBA to USBC cable. And unlike the official cable this one works specifically with the height of the grip , either standing or in the case so you can charge on-the-go.

Very awesome feature. Overall a fantastic case, well designed with great materials that suits this grip perfectly. Now the last thing are these tiny things and these are thumb pads. We mentioned thumb pads before, they come in all shapes, sizes and materials. And personally we do find that they can enhance the use of the analog sticks.

You get four. They’re con caved with the Satisfye logo in the middle and they have these little ridges on the sides which helps keep your finger in place. So a nice little addition that can help improve the analog sticks while also protecting them. So if you’re someone who’s experienced any fatigue while playing the switch like we have, or if your looking to enhance the ergonomics to get a better grip on the console, you owe it to yourself to check out the Satisfye Pro Gaming Grip. We love it here which is why we spoke with them and they agreed to send out three elite bundles for a giveaway.

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Winners will receive the elite bundles around mid October, after Satisfye completes all of their Kickstarter orders because it’s only fair. Alright so you heard why we love it, let us know what you think in the comments below. Also, now that we have our hands on some of the most popular Nntendo switch grips out there, we’ll be doing a massive comparison of all of them.

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